Header image by Frank Kehren

Earlier today representatives from Warner Bros. studios announced that the AT&T building (formerly the Bell South building), known as the ‘Batman building’ to locals, and a prominent feature of the Nashville skyline, had been selected to double as the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises in the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman.

Matt Hagen, a representative of DC stated, “Using the AT&T building is a natural choice to represent Wayne Enterprises in Batman vs. Superman.  It’s unique design reinforces the subtlety in storytelling that director Zack Snyder is widely known for.”

Snyder himself had the following to say, “I’m not sure how much time will be spent shooting in the Nashville area, but I can safely say that the city will fare much better than Metropolis did!”


(Editor’s Note: Please note that this is an April Fools Day joke published for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this post should be quoted as factual.)